Our Team

Aapeli Vuorinen

Senior Technical Consultant, Australia

Aapeli is a Senior Technical Consultant at Custom Programming Solutions. As the company’s in-house blockchain and mathematics specialist, he has a passion for using technology and abstract reasoning to solve complex problems with smart, creative people. Read more.

Allison Smith

Copywriter and content wrangler, Canada

Allison has more than a decade of experience in writing about a wide range of topics, most recently Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Science and more. As a copywriter and content wrangler, she dives deep into complex subject matter to communicate with a variety of audiences, from outsiders to domain specialists. Read more.

Alysha Iannetta

Junior Developer, Australia

As a Junior Developer, Alysha focuses on front-end development (the side of software we see and interact with, particularly user interface and experience). Read more.

David Lake

Business Development and Canadian Operations Manager, Canada

David is a Business Development and Canadian Operations Manager at Custom Programming Solutions. Read more.

Janis Lesinskis

Director of Technological Innovation, Australia/Canada

As Director of Technological Innovation of Custom Programming Solutions, Janis takes on a diverse set of tasks, from business development to tech management and contributing his technical knowledge to many projects. Read more.

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