As a Junior Developer, Alysha Iannetta's focus is on front-end development (the side of software we see and interact with, particularly user interface and experience).

"My role is a wonderful mix of creativity and logic, where I can use code to build and design software," she says, adding, "I'm given the opportunity to learn about the industry and expand my skills by working on web applications."

Alysha joined CPS in February 2019, achieving her goal of nabbing a role as junior developer - a dream she's had since she'd started to learn programming. As a self-taught developer, she brings previous design-related experience to her position, as well as an advance diploma of fashion design and technology, and a diploma in Information of Technology.

"Being able to learn while working collaboratively on large projects is extremely rewarding and being surrounded by motivated people who are willing to help me reach my potential is a perfect fit for me," she says. "I get to use my design skills alongside my programming knowledge to do what I love: building software."

Software has always been a big part of Alysha's life; like many, she grew up playing video games and communicating over the World Wide Web. Once she delved into building small games and learning to code, "I've never been bored again. I have never found anything as creative and logically challenging, with an opportunity to constantly learn and grow."

Today, the constant growth of software still continues to intrigue her, "and being able to grow up alongside it and watching it change over time is mind blowing. Being able to build and design software is extremely satisfying. I enjoy the process of everything working together to create user experience and responsive interfaces to benefit people."

As for what attracted her to CPS, she looks forward to working with and contributing to a team passionate about growth and learning. "CPS values learning and encourages each employees' strengths, and are passionate about the work they do. They also have knowledge in a wide variety of cool tech specialties. Being able to feel valued as a junior is really rewarding and I'm able to reach my full potential by being encouraged on my strengths and given direction, feedback and resources to aid my learning."

She looks forward to exploring new topics and attending meetups in Melbourne to learn as much as she can about the industry.